Editing can be brutal


Here I am on a nice sunny day, window open, music playing nicely behind me, and I’m editing my own work and all I want to do is burn it up. While I’m editing my sister and mom usually are proof reading other parts and I just can’t help but sit behind my desk thinking, how the holy hell can you even read this shit?! Don’t get me wrong, the story line is great, but good god what was I thinking with some of these sentences.

I’m really glad I decided to slow down a bit with the last book though. I want to make sure i get my shit right. So far it’s over 90,000 words which is 20,000 more than I usually write so hopefully that’s a good thing.

As for any of you in the Bergen County area, the Norwood Pubilc Library is hosting a book festival this year with 20+ authors including myself! There will be free giveaways, raffles, panels, story time for kids, and even a kids writing activity. It’s all free! I can’t stress that enough, I know it’s important through times like these where the economy sucks that people are looking for free fun activities and this will be one! You can check it out here and come say Hi (if anyone is actually reading this).  See you soon my lovelies.


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