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Don’t discount me


Wow. Just…wow. It really blows my mind how so many people discount self-publishing as nothing. Self-publishers do more work than most people who are traditionally published and they attend the same events as traditionally published authors.

Let me rewind for a second. Last night I attended a panel on the publishing industry which I specifically checked to make sure it was okay I attended since I am self-published. There was a question on the difference between the two and I will say right now, that I’m sure I don’t know a lot about the topic. Not as much as other people do since I’ve only been apart of the business for two years or so. I came up with the idea on how to explain it and here it is:

We look at a book like Harry Potter which got rejected nine times and took years to actually get published then we look at books like 50 Shades of Grey and The Martian which were self-published books that got picked up after their success online and with readers. The only reason Harry Potter was picked up when it was, was because the editor who was reading the manuscript’s daughter wanted to read more. My point being that the whole publishing industry is a gamble. You could get a publishing house. You could become successful. You can achieve this either way, but self-published is more accessible. That was my point.

Of course some people did not agree with me, which is fine. I wasn’t particularly happy with the way they butchered my answer, but what can I do. We were both on the same panel even though one of us was traditionally published. We both go to the same events. So please, if you’re thinking about exploring the publishing industry do not disclose self-publishing because 90% of the time you do the same shit.


Another little point I wanted to make on the writing process. The fun thing about writing for me is that it started as a therapy. I don’t use fancy words to describe my process I literally just do what I want when I feel like it because that’s the whole point is. I’m writing my story and I’m doing it the way I want to. We spoke about writing and critique groups last night and some of the authors agreed that it is good to have people read your work and help you, but they also may not be as passionate as you are about the topic. Obviously the person that wrote the story likes it, so you can’t really tell them it’s wrong. The point is to write what you want, yes, take advice if you find it important, but don’t listen to the stuff you don’t. This is your money, effort, and time being poured into it, so write it the way you want to.


2 thoughts on “Don’t discount me

  1. I agree completely. I often advise people to self publish something (even if it is only a little something) before getting embroiled with publishing houses. The reason for this – quite simply – is that most publishing houses still expect you to put the work in marketing your book as you would self publishing. You may as well get a little bit of experience of it early on with something you have complete control over before you get into a situation where other people start having a say over your work…


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