The Originals


It’s been quite some time since I’ve discussed the Originals, but I feel like now is a good time to give my thoughts on the second half of the season so far. There’s been a lot of crazy things going on in the fandom, but I’m going to address that later. The second half of the season has been ten times better than the first. I have no clue what happened with the first half, but it was just very…not boring, but maybe…bleh. There wasn’t too much real heart felt moments aside from that one Klaus/Hayley fight which was epic. After that, there wasn’t much besides giving us some background info.

I’m really looking forward to the end of this season because I’m excited for the time jump. It hasn’t been confirmed 100%, but that’s where its going which means old Hope finally! It’s about time they brought her into the freakin story again. I’m still convinced she’s going to save all their asses by the end of this season. I just need the Klaus/Hope feels already, there hasn’t been a proper scene between either of them or even with Hayley yet. This stuff gives me life, I need it.

So now, the bullshit that is the ships. Of course I have ships that I enjoy, which  I may or may not talk about later, however, I really don’t like what the show is doing at the moment with their ships. It’s just really obvious to me and to most viewers I think. This next episode, I was extremely excited for, until I saw the promo. Based on the description of the episode it literally just sounds like they are throwing Klaus/Cami and Hayley/Elijah together. Now, I don’t mind these couples if they happen organically, but this episode…come on. The scene between Hayley and Elijah when Hayley was upset over Jackson’s death was beautiful (and I don’t ship them) that stuff doesn’t bother me one bit. It’s the over dramatized glances that drive me insane. We get it, they like each other. Same goes for Klaus and Cami, they have some great scenes, but I see scenes like in this next episode where she faints into his arms and I just want to rip my eyeballs out. I started watching this show for the Originals, I don’t really care too much about their relationships, just don’t make that the focus. Especially two in one episode, it’s too much.

And here’s the thing with Klaus, I’ve thought about this for a while and as much as I enjoy my Klaus/Hayley scenes, I think I like him alone. Even with Genevieve it didn’t bother me because it was just a physical relationship. The problem I’m having now is that, he basically is going to tell Cami he loves her, yet we haven’t seen him tell Hope he loves her. Are we just supposed to assume he has? Can we see it since Hope is the most important person in his life? I’d rather see those scenes then ship scenes any day. I get the actress is a one year old, but give me something here. That’s why I’m looking forward to older Hope, at least we’ll see her. One last note about Klaus and Hayley, I’d rather them where they are now than thrown in my face with dramatic flare. That’s what ruins the relationships for me. And I do find it odd that both Julie Plec and Michael made rude comments to the Klaus/Hayley shippers, especially when there are other shippers who do the same thing. Okay, I’m done until the end of the season. Check in at the end of May for more, unless you have questions for me regarding TO.


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