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I’ve been gone for a week. And when I say gone, I mean gone. The only internet I had for a week was from my iPod touch which only worked in one room of the house I was staying in. The second I got back home and flipped my laptop open, I stared at the screen for a about five minutes thinking it didn’t look right at all. It really showed me how much time I actual spend on my computer.

For those who don’t know, besides writing, I babysit and it just so happened the family I work with decided to take me with them on vacation. Not only am I grateful that they took me, but I was very intrigued by the whole ordeal. It was the first time I’ve ever done anything like this and probably gave me the most experience in my life. They probably thought I was a psycho because the only time I really ever spoke was when I was with the kids. Most of the time I was observing the family dynamic which makes me sound like a nut job, but I just find it interesting. I like figuring people out, it also happens to give me good ideas for characters.

This is what I found interesting, when ever I’m at a book event and people ask me what else I do I reply “Nothing important, just babysitting”. Then people answer with “That’s the most important job”. It makes me feel good about what I do, but then I look at the reverse. Whenever I’m around people I babysit for or just people I know who haven’t actually seen me at an event and I tell them I write. 90% of the time, I get some kind of reaction to the effect of ‘oh, you’re one of those kids who thinks you can get by as an artist’. Especially when I tell them I didn’t go to school for it and I don’t read often. It’s very bizarre how that works.

I could go on and on about my life choices, but the truth is your opinion doesn’t matter. The only opinion that matters is my own. No one has really been mean to me about it, but it’s the silent judgement that’s interesting to me. Some people are interested by it and even impressed while others are super confused. Oh well. Hopefully this week I will write another post on how I could possible write without reading much. I know many authors talk about how they read nonstop and I hate that people think I’m stupid for not reading, but I have my reasons and I will share them with you. Until then, my loves


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