Storm Trilogy

What I can’t understand

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When I’m sitting behind my desk, my thoughts running like fluid in my mind, I’m a intelligent. The things I think about are more philosophical then I realize and 90% of the time I’m better at having deep conversations than every day chit chat. My brain works better in the silence of my own company. That probably makes me a complete nut job.

Well, if you haven’t guessed it, I’m sitting behind my desk thinking. It’s been taking me quite a while to focus back on writing which is something I really need to get my ass on. My thoughts have flown from my characters whom I love to the story itself, why I write, and all that good stuff. What upsets me more than anything is that when you’re so passionate about something, you live and breathe it, but no one else around you seems to feel the some way.

As the clocks been ticking all day and I’ve watched the time change from 9:44 this morning to now 6:23 tonight all I’ve achieved is creating character aesthetics for my own work. They may not be the best, especially since I’m new to it, but they just help me fall in love with my characters again. They took me back to when I first created them in my mind. When I first fell in love with them enough to write about them. In all my years of daydreaming and plotting, I’ve never actually written characters down. Usually they just float around in my head for years until they disappear with all my other thoughts. But these characters stick with me and they always will. Maybe it’s because I feel like I’ve known them for three years. I know everything about them, their past, their present, their future. They’re apart of me and it’s unfortunate I’m one of the few who knows about them. I hope one day they get their time to shine.

Each weekend for the next few weeks I’ll try to post different aesthetics. Some for characters and some for the book itself. Maybe it will motivate me to edit again before I run out of time with my editor. Fingers crossed.


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