I’m just a person


The past few days have been filled with so much work and I’m actually happy about it. I’ve been cramming down on my editing with so much effort, I actually don’t mind sitting behind my computer for hours anymore. Everything’s falling together nicely and after this weekend I can really toss myself into my work again.

With all this dark bullshit invading my mind, it really is difficult to see the good things. It’s only eleven and I found a good thing. The Book Festival I’ve been working on is coming together so nicely and this morning I received a lovely email about it, here is part of it:

‘How did you come up with such a wonderful project concept? Are you on the Library board? What is your career – you have exemplary organizational and language skills.’

This is probably the most bizarre comment I’ve ever received. EVER. This is an email I got from someone who used to work in my elementary school. I remember sitting in his office scared shitless I was in trouble. The author who emailed me this, is a professional. He’s a Dr. and someone I consider my superior (That may just be because I’ve known him since the first grade). Here I am just trying to create new events and opportunities for artists, minding my own business and he thinks I’m doing a wonderful job. Me.

I am so honored, even if it is just a simple remark. I’m not on any board of any kind and as far as career goes, I write and I sit on babies. I’m just a human trying to create….anything. It goes back to one of my previous posts, people who know me for babysitting vs people who know me as an author. My fellow writers and authors are so kind, providing me with passion to continue my dream and it’s just such an incredible community. Thank every single one of you! The artist community is amazing, whether you’re a painter or dancer or a writer. You are all fucking lovely and need to keep pushing limits. I love each and every one of you!


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