The Originals talk


This post is purely for me, so if you aren’t a fan of the show, read no further. If you are then let me tell you there are spoilers to follow….and cursing, lots of cursing.

Holy fuck! (you see what I mean) I’ll be honest, this season has not been the best from The Originals, but bravo. Of course it has to be the last episode that’s amazing. The rest of the season was not as good, but this was gold. Everything I wanted rolled up into one hour.

We finally actually saw Klaus and Hope interacting. I really don’t understand why they didn’t film more. Yes, the babies are hard to work with, but they could have fit in more Klaus and Hope scenes throughout. That letter….I can’t…even. And the sacrifice.

Now this is what’s annoying to me. I know The Originals isn’t coming back until 2017, which drives me fucking insane btw, but this would have been the perfect way to end the series. If the Mikaelsons would have all just died permanently, this is literally how I would want to show to end. It would have been beautiful, especially since Klaus sacrificed himself for his family.

Back to the whole mid-season bullshit. How can you justify TVD getting a full season when it is way past its expiration date? Almost all the actors are leaving after next season because its like beating a dead horse and yet TO gets a mid-season? Are you joking? I know the ratings were low, but look at Reign. The ratings are low because they keep moving it around and this season wasn’t that good. I’m pretty sure TVD and TO had similar ratings so I’m not sure why they picked up one for a full over the other. Especially since TO has more to explore than TVD does.

This whole thing scares me because Julie has said that means they won’t know if they get cancelled until after they shoot which means we could get a really shitty series finale. Or one with loads of cliff hangers which will drive me fucking insane.

Moving on!

The only real complaint I had was the question of how Rebekah came back, but I’m guessing I stepped out of the room for that? Did I miss it? Someone tell me because I honestly don’t know when they explained that.

I’m looking forward to older Hope. I believe they are doing a five year time jump which would make her…seven? She’s two now, right?  Part of me wishes they would just go full teen or older. Otherwise they’ll just have to end up doing another time jump in the future. It will kill me though. Slowly. Just the thought of everyone meeting older Hope and Klaus being the last one. Klaus is going to be the hardest person for Hayley to save.

Everyone else just needs a cure, but Marcel stands in the way of getting Klaus back. And here’s where it sucks more. If we only get 13ish episodes next year, more than half of them will be without Klaus with his family. I’m sure most of that time will be them trying to sued Marcel or them needing his help for something. I can’t see them just returning all in the first few episodes. Damn…this is really going to suck. Leave your thoughts in the comments section! And please, please someone explain this Rebekah thing. It’s driving me insane

Until next year 😦



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