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Fire in the sky

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Moving forward from the depressing topics for a while, here’s a picture of the sunset from a few nights ago! Pretty, right? Unfortunately, what I actually want to write about I couldn’t capture on my crappy Ipod, but I can tell you about it. This was taken on Sunday and what happened once the sun faded into the horizon was incredible. Since it was the night before the Fourth of July everyone decided to set off fireworks. From where I was, there was a panoramic view of various towns in New York setting of colorful sparklers into the sky. It was an incredible sight to see. The beauty of it was mind blowing. What I found even more beautiful was that so many people were watching the same fireworks from different perspectives. I may have been far away from some of them, but there were people right below them looking up in awe as they were set off.

I can just see the flaming colors reflecting in viewers eyes.

When I went away this past weekend two incredible things happened. Incredible thing number one:

Since I was away with the family I babysit for (who I adore) I was living with their extended family as well at their beach house. Now, I always get super shy and quite. I’m like that in general, but here I get REALLY shy because I don’t really know them that well and 90% of the time I have no fucking idea what I’m doing. Anyway, I met this really nice woman who asked me if I was in school or if I had finished. I will tell you right now, almost every time someone asks me this I lie. Usually, I just say ‘yeah, I finished’ or something like that. Especially since their family is incredible smart and well read. Not this time my friends! Something told me to explain how I didn’t go to school, but I had written two books and I’m glad I did. This woman’s shocked face gave me life. She even said she would love to read it and since their whole family reads that they could all review the book! Whoa! Points for me. Except I’m not sure I want them to read it because I’m super self conscience and don’t want them to judge me.

That brings me to incredible thing number two:

The reason I decided to tell this woman I had written two books was because I am currently discussing another blog opportunity for a website that contacted me. I’m not going into too much detail about it yet, but I was so excited to get this news. I’ve had family members cringe at my lack of editing (you know who you are) and people comment on my cursing on this blog. Even though it’s mine. And I can say what ever the fuck I want.

I really wanted to do a happy dance when I got the email, but I settled for stealing children’s goldfish and drinking an ice tea while watching a barbie show. That’s the same, right? It’s my equivalent of a happy dance while I’m in the company of other people.

So we shall see what happens! I have an interesting post I plan on writing for next week since I’ve been absent for a while. If you have any questions or topics you’d like me to write about shoot me an email


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