An Open Letter


Two whom it may concern,

This is how I begin every journal entry with the hopes one day someone may stumble upon it. The idea of keeping a journal and writing in it every day even if I don’t feel like it came from my best friends house. She lives in historical home built during the Civil War and one day her father found a journal hidden within some ceiling beams. Unfortunately, they had to hand the document over to some historical society, but it did make me wonder. Even though we’re living in the now, one day everything happening around is is going to be old news. The customs will be different, hell, we may end up in some sort of post-war zone hundreds of years from now. It’s also a good record to keep my sanity.

Years from now, if there will be a time when I’m a parent, it will help me remember what types of feelings my kids will be going through as well. It’ll be my personal reminder not to be an asshole.

For now, I want to write one article a week with this format. It will be raw. It will be messy, but it will be me. I would love to have readers send me anonymous letters or emails where I can provide advice in this format also. So, to whom it may concern, feel free to contact me, I want to hear from you.




Email me at with the subject title ‘To whom it may concern’


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