Indie Summer Reading

a better tomorrow

Three books down!

A Better Tomorrow by Ian Keeney


Jordan is the unassuming guinea pig coerced into the highly secretive and controversial experiment where his consciousness is shifted from the here and now to a different body in the past in another universe. He is given a second chance to save his fiancée’s life when she was murdered during a robbery, but he fails and accidentally kills someone else in his attempt to save her. The experiment was only a partial success because he was sent to a universe in the past but cannot return to his present body. He is stuck in an alternate universe as a fugitive running from the police and seeking redemption for his fiancée’s death while trying to reach the doctor, the only one who can help him return to his true existence.

He loses his grip on reality as his consciousness slips between different circumstances, making it hard to know what is real and what is in his mind. Believing nothing to be reality, he went from being the common man to a reckless fugitive who will stop at nothing to find a universe where his fiancée is still alive.


This is the first sci-fi I’ve ever read and I can tell you right now, I was not disappointed. Keeney writes a strong page turner that I found I couldn’t put down! The characters were interesting, leading the reader down a worm hole of time travel. Although at times I found myself confused as to which universe Jordan was in, it had a very Inception feel to it. It was very psychological towards the end which I loved. It left me asking questions every time I put it down. Again, sci-fi isn’t my strong suit, but I was mesmerized by the thrill the story took me on. A Better Tomorrow gets four stars from me! If you’re a ready interested in sci-fi thrillers, be sure to follow the links down below to Keeney’s pages.


Ian Keeney



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