This is a picture of a painting I drew in 2012 in school. I never handed it in for a grade, never showed it to my teacher. In front of me was a black piece of paper, every color imaginable, and nearly every tool anyone could use to create a master piece. Although I never really showed this piece to anyone, it is by far my favorite thing I have ever created.

With recent events flooding the news and media, I thought of this painting. When I created it my whole concept was to illustrate how we, as humanity, were destroying our home. The white represented the purity Earth once was, covered by green and blue for land and water. Once I had that done, I looked next to me to see a piece of ripped up carpet and red paint. I dipped the carpet into the red and dragged it across my painting for war and violence.

This is kind of an odd post really. Because it brings up two very different topics that drive me insane. The first and most obvious being how sick I am of everything going on in the news. I can’t understand why we can’t accept each other. Why we can’t work together. I’m not going to go too far into it, but I’m sure I will at some point.

The next topic being the art community. It really does parallel in a sense (at least in my mind). Who gets to decide what is art and what isn’t? This is something that drives me crazy and I’ve never understood it. There are people who look at a blank piece of paper hanging on a wall, art. Yet these same people look at others work and declare it ‘not art’.

There are struggling artists out there and artists who aren’t struggling. Why is this? Maybe this is just my late night brain rambling or my ideal vision of every one’s shit being equal.

Carry on.


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