“We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong”

This is a quote written on a journal I just bought yesterday. It was one of those indie type journals with inspirationalish quotes that I pretend to hate but secretly love. The first thing that drew my eye to the journal was the photo of some national park, then I read the quote, then I got home and reread it and realized how awesome it is.

It’s interesting how simple quotes really pack a punch sometimes. This is an idea that I don’t think everyone comprehends. Even if you start with baby steps, it could be a simple adventure to the mall, but it has to be done. It’s very easy for me to be sitting behind this computer saying ‘you start’ when really I’m also a part of this. Except I’m very crude with myself so instead I read this quote as “get off your ass and go do something productive”.

The reason I’m writing this post is partly for myself, yes, but I do know several people in my life who are afraid for whatever reason to move on in a sense. It’s like they remain frozen in time. I get that way to sometimes. We don’t realize that finding ourselves could take a lot longer than other people. A lot of the time people just blossom into who they are supposed to be and thrive, but there are others who take longer.

Five years ago I was a completely different person, through those years I’ve learned more about myself. I rediscovered my love for writing, I wrote and published two books, I’ve traveled, I’ve gone to Barnes and Noble as an author, yet, I still don’t know who I am 100%. I think the difference is now I am aware that I haven’t found my ‘home’ so to speak. It’s a struggle and something I would never wish on anyone. I’d say out of all my life finding where we truly belong is the hardest. Going out, taking risks is key when you are young, it builds character.

There are times when I’m thinking about this idea and I wish they had some kind of class on life in general. I truly don’t know why they don’t, it’s probably the most important thing that can be taught and should be taught.

Anyway, enjoy your adventures my loves!


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