Pick one


As the finale book of the Storm Trilogy is wrapping up, I’ve been trying to figure out which story I should step into next. I have A LOT of ideas swirling around, some more developed than others, but I can’t figure out which would be the next best choice. These are the three that have been on my mind the most:

Book one: a paranormal mystery set in West Virginia, main protagonist is a male detective.

Book two: another YA trilogy set in Hartford, protagonist is a young girl.

Book three: a YA novel (unclear if it will exceed one book), set in New Orleans, protagonist is male.

I have titles for each of them and basic plot written out, characters, the whole nine. I’m conflicted on which I should begin with. Another issue is that I want to participate in NaNoWriMo this year. The best way I think I will be able to accomplish that is by starting to plan out a book now. This year I think I might try working on two stories at once, but I’m torn!!!!!!

Any writers have an suggestions on how to pick your next story?



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