Travel Tuesday

My adventure to the West Coast! It has been ten days since I last posted and it seems like a lifetime. I’m just going to jump into everything while it’s still fresh on my mind. Forgive my grammar and crazy brain.

To begin, I was gone for work during Labor Day weekend to Fire Island. For anyone in the New York/ New Jersey area you may be aware that was the weekend we were supposed to have  a hurricane. As luck may have it, we didn’t. It was a relief for a few reasons. One being, my youngest sister was home alone for the first time and two, if the power had been cut there would have been no way for me to get home for my flight early Tuesday morning. The whole weekend was a mix of emotions.

So I got home around four on Monday to pack for my flight at 3 am. It was like jumping ship. I spent one weekend on the East Coast and the next weekend on the West Coast. In San Francisco, whoa! It is a beautiful city, completely different from any I have ever been to. What I really liked was the scenery. You get the bay, the city, and the mountains all in one view. There were a lot of different languages being spoken, the food was diverse also, and I even met a nice local who said September/October was the best time of year to come.

THIS IS A WARNING FOR TRAVELERS!!!!! It is not hot in San Fran this time of year, bring pants. The weather was in the 60’s all week not to mention the breeze from the bay. It’s a good thing they sell sweaters in almost every store.

The best place to go when in and or around this city is Yosemite. It can be costly, but it is worth it! The views were insane and almost impossible to even believe. Here are pictures to prove it:



*that was our lunch spot*

yosemite 3.jpg


*these crazy bitches were climbing El Capitan*

yosemite 5.jpg

There is an option to stay in Yosemite overnight and or for several nights, do it. I didn’t, but I guarantee staying there means actually seeing a sky full of stars. My friend and I both agreed if we ever went back we would stay overnight.


Pier 39 was awesome too! The SEA LIONS were adorable. Only one person will understand why I put that in all caps. Those were my two favorite attractions.


sea lions 2.jpg

Alcatraz was interesting, but it scared me out a bit. I’ve heard too many stories of spirits attaching themselves to people….I don’t think I caught any, but it’s still early.


The only thing I found ‘bad’ about the city were the homeless people. Before I explain, don’t attack me for my opinion. Homeless people are homeless, I get it, they have had a hard life. This is simply based off my experience. I have been to several cities in various parts of the world. San Fran is probably the one place where I’ve noticed homeless people are aggressive. I still don’t really understand why, but they try to get in your face. Again, this isn’t all of them, just my opinion.

Well, that’s all I have for now. Maybe I’ll think of more to write later on, until then…


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