Destination: Montreal

It has been ten days which seems more like a lifetime. After just getting back from San Francisco I made a quick choice to hop on an 8 hours bus up to the Canada to visit my sister. Going from one trip to another with only a week of my real life was fun. It allows me to fill so much life and story into my journey. Enough about that, let me dive into the city of Montreal.

I have traveled to this city in the past and I can tell you honestly the first time I hated it. I didn’t hate it to the point I would never return, but there was something about it the first time that I just didn’t like. Maybe it was the circumstances of the trip or the tension of traveling to a city where they spoke a different language (trying to read French signs ends up in a screaming match). This time was a completely different feel. I took a bus which was not ideal since I was in a moving vehicle almost all day, but it was half the price of a plane ticket.

As I said, I was visiting my sister who goes to school at Concordia (congrats!!!!!). Originally, I wanted to completely surprise her and just show up, but I realized that only works in movies because my sister has a life and school work.

The city was beautiful. Of course I had to listen to Arcade Fire while driving in because…hello. One of the first things we did was get food, again eight hours on a bus, which meant Poutine! It was around nine by the time we got to this little packed restaurant but it was amaze balls. It was like some high power personally handed me a meal made only for me in the form of fries, gravy, and cheese. But it was also late and I hadn’t eaten. Montreal is filled with a variety of foods, there were a lot of vegan and vegetarian options which is good for my sister. And the dessert….Jesus take the wheel. We went to a bakery and ordered some treats for the last night I was there. I wish I could have ordered one of everything honestly, but I don’t want to give in the the fat American stereo type.


Overall, I ‘d say there were two highlights to this two day trip. One: we went out to a bar to see some live music which, living in the suburbs, doesn’t happen too often for me. Two: we went to PopvsJock. I’ve been back home for a day and people have already reposted pictures of me from the event which is honestly super creepy. It just is.


*Me, Regine (Arcade Fire’s leading lady), and my sister (Fallon)


Top picture: Fallon, Jeremy (Arcade Fire’s drummer), and me

Bottom left aka the indie sandwich: Nikolai Fraiture (The Strokes), me, Fallon, and Chris Tomson (Vampire Weekend)

Bottom right: Fallon, Win Butler (Arcade Fire), and me

The best part about that event was I enjoy live games while my sister enjoys the people we met afterwards. This is the third year in a row my sister has had with the band Arcade Fire and I can’t wait until next year.


Montreal you are a beautiful city with beautiful people (honestly the hottest guys I have ever seen). I shall see you soon.




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