My name is Dylann Rhea


Today I have been horrified and it isn’t the first time. A handful of people have asked me where Dylann Rhea, the name I write under, comes from. Today I decided to explain it to you.

Yes, my name is Dylann. That is true. However, my last name is not Rhea, it’s actually my middle name. When I first began to write I decided I wanted a shorter last name to make it easier to sign or write on a poster. My real last name is quite long and just a pain in the ass.

After several years of contemplating it, I also realized another reason I never really wanted to use my real last name. Of course, having my personal facebook and tumblr were a part of it, but there was a deeper reason. I don’t like the association my last name comes with. The whole reason I began this blog was to be honest and even before this blog, there’s no point in me lying. I was not put on the Earth to look good for anyone or fabricate a web of lies some would call a life. Come to think of it, whenever I’ve had a strong opinion, I don’t believe I’ve ever hidden it. And for a very long time I’ve wanted to draw a line between who people think I am vs who I actual am. And my last name had to go.

To this day when people see me at events and use my real last name I cringe. I didn’t get where I am because of my last name, no, I did it myself. I made my own identity, one that I love more than anything. Sometimes I am really disappointed by the actions of people who carry my last name. As a human being, I can’t stand by their behavior towards others. What they chose to do is their right, it’s their business, however I will not stand by them.

I don’t expect anyone to understand this post or to even give a crap about it, but I’m doing what I do best. I’m calling out your bullshit through my words. Have a lovely day!


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