I’ve been reading Stephen King


To prepare myself for my next book I have been stock piling book after book. Thankfully, my younger sister has a Stephen King obsession so it wasn’t too hard to find some good material to learn from.

So far his collection of short stories have helped me the most. It allows me to get a better sense of his writing style without taking up too much of my time. I’m not planning on writing like Stephen King, but compared to my usual young adult tone I needed a change. I’ve already begun writing my paranormal thriller (mystery? I haven’t figured that part out yet) and it’s just so much different than what I’ve written before. I guess I’m still getting used to the fact that I’m not writing for a young girl. It’s a fun challenge, especially since there’s more emotion involved with this story.

Taking a break from the Young Adult world is going to interesting once I complete the finale edits for Lost Daughter. I’m really looking forward to Hallowread this weekend, which if you aren’t aware is a paranormal/urban fantasy reader weekend in Maryland. I get to be a part of the Urban Fantasy round up panel which I always get nervous for. It’s bizarre because I feel like at these panels I should thrive because I adore the topics but then I get to the table and blank on my answers. Talking in front of crowds is not my strong suit. Neither is selling people my book. I love my books. LOVE them. Hell, they basically saved me, I just can’t truly convey it into physical words because the books is so much more than a book to me. I don’t want to look like a nut job even though I am and I’m totally okay with it.

Anyway, I’m slowly falling in love with my knew character and I think a lot of people will too. One day soon I’ll make a post about him….one day.



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