Havre de Grace

Maryland is such a beautiful place this time of year and I’m so glad I get to see it when the leaves are on fire. This is the second year I’ve been to Hallowread and it keeps getting better and better! It’s always great fun to see other authors and listen to their stories.

Last year I was way too drained to go to the haunted house or ghost tour, this year I was really looking forward to it until it hit me. By it, I mean that wave of sickness, chills, and garbage that is a cold. For the past week the kids I look after have been sick, their parents got sick, and I was fine. It always happens that way, doesn’t it? I swear, next year I am going to go!

See creepy side story below.

Here are a few pics from this weekend, enjoy:

(I hate that I’m getting good at taking selfie’s)


(Urban Fantasy round up panel!)

No one else thought this was creepy besides me. I stayed in a small cottage with my mom and younger sister. It was Victorian and old, but really cute, matching the theme of the town. Friday night I shared a bed with my sister while my mom slept downstairs. Normally, I cannot sleep the first night in a new place. It always takes me at least a day to adjust especially since there was a blocked door right beside the bed. Even though it’s blocked, anyone could easily break in. So, later at night I wake up because I hear a bang. My first thought is to look at the door because it sounded like someone either slammed a door or was trying to get in. Of course, there was nothing. Then I hear a bang again, and again I look at the door and nothing. Then it happens a third time, but this time I ignore it and go to sleep. I’m not really sure how much longer, but later on I’m in a half sleep half daze stage and it occurs to me that there’s no sound. The fan in the room had been making a noise all night, not to mention my mom had left the TV on downstairs so I knew something was off. I opened my eyes and what do you know, it’s pitch black (we kept some lights on btw). A few seconds later the power comes back on and every things fine. The power I chalked up to just a surge because that happens all the time at my house. The noise I brushed off as the heat kicking on, but what I noticed was the next night when my mom turned the heat up, it never made a loud noise. So there you go. My mini creepy tale.


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