Late night rambles

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I’m sitting here, behind my desk just thinking. My mind is drifting, floating to a life, a world, that doesn’t exist. I’m not writing anything down, I’m just imagining scenes and people in places that I’ve never been to before. Can someone please clarify if this is a normal thing for writers? I’m not currently working on anything to do with my Storm Trilogy, no editing, no cover art (which I accidentally already posted without realizing it). This shit just lives and breathes in my head like a movie. It sucks too. As much as I want to write this all down, I’ve already decided I need to work on another project before I even think about anything else YA. Half my brain is like, ‘this new character is so fun and the story is so dark’ while the other half is like ‘I’m too lazy to write that, YA is so much easier and more fluid’. I swear this shit rips me apart late at night. Right now, I’m supposed to be watching a TV show and lounging, but no, my brain wants to write and think until I can’t sleep at night. I must have some kind of psychosis. This cannot be normal.


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