What would you say?

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It’s always a fun moment when I’m putting a kid to bed while babysitting and I know the author who wrote the book I’m about to read them. Shout out to ‘Will you still love me?’ by Carol Roth for writing an easy and fun book for me to read. I say easy because some of these kids books have the weirdest names that I can’t pronounce and then I look like an idiot. Also, the kids loved it.

The fun part was explaining to the little girl that I knew who she was and that I had attended book festivals with her. Her eyes lite up and she was so excited. Then a thing happened. Halfway through the book she started telling me how she felt like her parents didn’t care about her as much as they used to. It got awkward.

There’s only so much I can say and even what I say wouldn’t have much impact. “I’m sure they love you too” can only go so far coming from someone who is being paid to watch you. It makes me sad though that kids feel this way and there parents don’t notice. I don’t know. It just makes me think.

Carry on.


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