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What gets under my skin

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(I typed in ‘under my skin’ and this is what popped up)

I’ve been sitting behind this desk for about twenty minutes trying to write something, anything really. Then boom! It hit me. About two seconds later I get taken out of the creative energy by the sound of footsteps descending into hell. That split second changed this blog post from one topic to another so I decided to write out my pet peeves.

  1. This is currently my biggest pet peeve, when I’m trying to work and get interrupted. Not many people know this, it could just be me, but it takes time for a writer to get into the proper mental state to work. Sometimes it takes minutes, but other times it takes longer and once it’s broken it’s hard to jump back in.
  2. When auto correct fixes my word to something else OR when it decides not to fix my misspelled word and I look like an asshole
  3. My Iphone
  4. When someone reorganizes my shit
  5. Conversations with people with closed minds
  6. People who change the car radio while I’m driving, unless I say otherwise, no touchie
  7. When I write something personal and everyone asks me about it
  8. Missing socks

There you have it! My mini rant. I’m running out of things to write about people, this is a very one sided conversation here. Give me a topic, a comment, a question.


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