The unnatural supernatural

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I’m about five chapters into something new when it dawned on my that in this book I’ll be writing about a completely different type of supernatural creature. This is a different project from another one I’ve been about and I didn’t want to share any details about it with anyone. I feel like every time I open my mouth about a new project it’s harder to write, hopefully I don’t screw myself over with this one.

If you’ve read my Storm Trilogy (or the first two) you are well aware I like writing dysfunctional supernatural beings. It’s an obsession, really. Here I am today, working on a character that is unnaturally supernatural. I’m not even sure that makes any sense at all, but it does to me. I can’t really explain to you what type of character it is or what kind of creature without jinxing myself or giving away too much. It’s certainly interesting though and I can’t stop thinking about it.

It’s almost like if you were human and suddenly got turned into a mermaid. Would you be a normal mermaid? Would you have a different colored tail from the other mermaids? Could you still comb your hair with a shell with non natural mermaid hair? It’s mind blowing really and the best part is that there really isn’t a correct answer. An open book awaits what your mind creates. Look at me I’m like Dr. Seuss!

I’m sure if you know my work you can kind of sort of figure out maybe possibly what type of creature or non-creature I’m talk about. Just maybe 😉


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