Sucked in the writing abyss

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*Imagine not mine*

It has been a crazy busy week my friends. It’s a good kind of crazy too. For the past few days/weeks (I haven’t been keeping track) I’ve been writing some knew stuff, a chapter a day if you can believe it. So far, I’m not sure if it’s good or if it’s just a story that’s been stuck in my head for a while and it was time to come out. Either way it’s getting written while I wait for the last edits of the Storm Trilogy. Once I get that back, it’ll have to wait again in my brain.

One thing that I’ve always found odd is how a story can just sit and simmer for a while and gradually build. It’s something you just see in your head like a movie except you have to actually write it down because that’s the only way it’ll get out. I couldn’t imagine how thrilling it would be to see my story in action. It was also be kind of bizarre. Who knows, maybe one day it will happen.

For now, I’ll keep writing all these stories down until  I can’t write anymore.

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