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I’ve been slacking on writing blog posts. For that I am sorry and even sorrier (that’s not a real thing) for my other posts for being boring. When I’m working on a project I tend to throw all my energy into that rather than any social medias I have. Today I want to discuss some stuff, two things actually. Thing one is more of a question I’d really like some insight on. Thing two is simply an incredible trait I love having as a writer and I hope other writers out there share with me.

First, question: Is creativity something you inherit from birth or something you learn?

It may be a dumb easy answer, but it’s a question I’ve been asking myself lately. Recently, I ran into someone from my childhood who proceeded to make a comment about how I got my talent for writing from my father. I have a huge problems with this, he didn’t teach me shit about writing, I did that on my own. Now, I honestly don’t remember much of my childhood which I’ve been told is a defensive tactic, but I can honestly say I never had a moment where I sat down with my father and wrote something. If anything I wrote because of him, not with him.

So it leaves me with the question, because my mom has talent in creative things, but not really in the form of writing. Is there an answer out there or an opinion? I’m curious.


Next thing I want to get to. Four hours before I wrote this post I was sitting around staring at my desktop screen sipping my coffee. I knew I had shit to do, but I was being lazy. Then I began to remember an event I did last night. At this event authors were reading and discussing their books (of course I didn’t because I’m an introvert and will avoid it at all costs) so I just kind of sat there in the incredible room. It was an old building with a grand staircase decorated for the holidays. I’ll post a picture below that I took so I could capture the moment. Anyway, I started listening to the echo of the room even though it was full of furniture and people, then I started wondering what it would sound like if it were empty and there was a huge fight happening. That thought brought me to a whole scene I planned in my head while everyone else was doing something totally different. That simple thought came back to me about half an hour ago and I started thinking. REALLY thinking. Processing, analyzing, plotting. That kicked my laziness away and hopefully I’ll be working right after this is posted.

I just find it incredible that a simple moment can turn into so much more. A thought becomes a story in a split second. It is complete bliss to think about how insane writers minds actually are.



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