My therapy story


The reason I’m writing this post is for people who have had the same experience with a therapist as me. I’m going to try and keep this short, but I’m sure it will end up much longer than I intend.

So, let me start by letting you know I had the same therapist as my younger sister. It wasn’t really a big deal for me since we rarely fight and honestly are very similar. However, sharing a therapist with someone you know, especially a sibling is a no no. That being said I began seeing my therapist after my younger sister. I began in March after a very long time of trying to get my entire family to do group therapy. Since that wasn’t happening anytime soon I started it on my own. At first it was good because it was validating my feelings, but I started noticing that my therapist….I trying to figure out how to explain this. Naturally, it takes me a very very very long time to open up to people and trust them so I wasn’t really sure what I was supposed to say in our sessions. The issue was she would tell me I had to start the conversation which obvious became a problem because she wanted me to talk, but I wasn’t sure how. So there was problem one.  After once a week sessions like this I started to see her once every two weeks because it wasn’t really happening. I would sit, not sure what to say, she would sit and tell me to drive the conversation.

Jump seven months into the future, we’re still in the same boat. The last session I had with her got a little heated because we started talking about my future. From my point of view I was literally trying to ask her to help me figure out me if that makes sense. It got to the point were she basically just told me I had to figure it out, but I responded that I don’t know how to do that. We didn’t yell or anything, but it was not a pleasant conversation since I left upset that nothing got resolved. The next week I had an appointment, but I knew I had to cancel it because my work hours got changed.

Let me preface this, it’s Columbus Day week and Yom Kippur is Wed. So in my thought process I think the right day to cancel my session would be Tuesday so she has time to reschedule anything if she wants to. I get home from work Tuesday night and I call her cell number because I don’t have the office number (she gave me her number btw). She answers and I tell her I need to cancel, little did I know Yom Kippur starts Tuesday night. She wasn’t happy at all, in fact she was very nasty even after I apologized for not realizing. So the session was cancelled and I have not heard from her since.

The problem with this is two things. One it basically ruined my experience with therapy. I didn’t like the idea to begin with and here I am with one crappy thing down the drain. That being said, my second problem with this is how I feel because even though I had been with her for months she has not tried to call me once. Obviously this makes me feel like she could give two shits about me which is exactly what I wanted in a therapist. I’m still on the hunt for a better one who can actually understand my personality type. I think the reason I wanted to write this is because this blog is very candid. People go through shit all the time and if someone has had an experience like me, they should know it happens. It has nothing to do with you sometimes.

So there you go, there’s my therapy horror story.


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