Emotional Jar

It’s all positive


I’ve been spending the past few hours going through reviews of my first book so I can come up with some kind of teaser trailer for the finale installment of the trilogy. Most of the time my mind focuses on the negative reviews as I think it does with most authors or artists. Not today. Today I’m looking at all the positives. I’m combining all of them and just absorbing the love. It occurred to me today that soon I will have completed my first series. This will be the first of any project that I have finished and I’m damn proud of myself for it. I put my blood, sweat, and tears into this and it still blows my mind that I did such an incredible thing.

Sometimes I don’t think I allow myself to be happy for what I’ve managed to do. I hope you can be happy for yourself today, because I’m happy for you. No matter what you have accomplished and what you will accomplish.

Have faith in yourself when no one else does.

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