Writing in Progress

Project unknown

Hello from the other side! This winter break has trapped me away from the world for days and hurled me out on my ass with so much on my mind I can’t handle it!!!! Here’s something I worked on over my mini hibernation, I hope you enjoy it.


Gusts of wind cascaded old snow from the pine needles of the tree tops down to the soft, feathered white ground. The thin layer of fresh blanket chilled the heat radiating off the skin of a human curled in fetal position from a painful, distant night that lingered only with instinct. Crystal white snow glistened as dawn appeared through the tree line of bare naked foliage among the greens of the evergreens. Winter was always his favorite. The brisk chill in the air cooled the hot headed nature of the beast within enough to feel like a normal temperature. Even waking at dawn buck naked covered in traces of left over snow, dirt, and blood was peaceful. In the winter there was no sound but that of falling snowflakes as they kissed the ground. The weather was just right that it meant not many people would venture out through the trails of the wilderness which put him at ease for the one night.

When he peeled back his eyelids to find the dusted ground of white blanket surrounding him, Kane shifted his muscles to awaken from their stiffness. He knew he hadn’t been there long, but the transition from man to beast lingered through his bones as it normally did. It was a feeling that last a few days, his grandmother always told him it was like recovering from a bad flu only it occurred every month. In his opinion, he’d rather get hit by a car. As much as the transformation tore him apart quiet literally, it provided a gift Kane could find anywhere else.


For one night a month he was free to release the monster he desperately tried to hide away. It was intoxicating just as much as it was crippling. As he sat up from the frosted ground he examined himself for any traces of wounds he may have received from his wild night. Dried, rusted red stained his upper torso along with the brown workings of slushy mud. It wasn’t an unusual combination. Full moon’s always came with death. His instinct was well aware the blood from his chest was sacrificed from an animal, but as he stared down at the color caking into the creases of his hands, Kane’s gut tightened.

The brightness of the pure white shimmering snow forced Kane to wince as the sun rose higher into the sky. His head pounded from pressure buried deep within his mind he couldn’t shake it. As he squinted his eyes from the light mixed with the throbbing headache, he studied the color from his hands beside the pale snow.

Kane closed his eyes, absorbing the crisp air as he focused his mind. Something bad had happened, something he needed to remember. When the blue of his eyes reopened to the sight of his hands, he heard a scream off in his distant memory. It was a female cry for help. Even with the trees brushing up against one another Kane could clearly recall her pain, but he couldn’t explain why.

He glanced around the woods as the wind picked up, dusting the air with speckles of snow wondering what took place the night before.


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