Post one


I have been absent for almost two weeks now, hiding behind a pile of papers that need editing and proofreading. I can assure you I’ll be blogging more once I finish, but until that time I have many things I want to get off my chest.

This is going to be a political (I would consider it a humane) blog post so if you are in any way shape or form annoyed by that, please get the hell off this page.

When I first heard about him becoming the new president I was calm. I was very annoyed at the choice, but I didn’t react. I tried to remain ignorant about the situation until last night when it just hit me. I mean it really fucking hit me. for the next few years to come (if he lasts that long) the press is going to be the most important thing the American people have. If you are a journalist, a blogger, a news caster, or have an form of media you need to speak up and tell the truth. This man is a mass manipulator, spinning every mother fucking story that comes his way in his direction. He is a bully and as I’ve stated on my personal posts, this has nothing to do with political party. I don’t hate him because he’s republican. I sure as hell am not republican, but that’s not why I’m angry. He is a child incapable of holding his place in office.

This is what pissed me off last night and it should piss you off as well. As many people are aware, a picture of his inauguration vs. Obama’s spread like wildfire on the internet. Now, many people re-tweeted and spread that picture, among them the National Parks twitter account. The new president suspended the National Parks account until they formally apologized to him on twitter. This is a violation of FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Whether you disagree if the picture was correct or not, this is a violation of the Constitution! As someone who finds comfort in writing and speaking my mind through writing, I am horrified by this.

I can only hope, journalists expose his bullshit for what it is. As of now, I plan on attending a rally in New York for protecting Planned Parenthood. I think I’m going to try and interview people there to get their voices heard. I’m truly tired of Americans expecting everyone to accept what has happened to our country. I do believe some people were in a position that they were desperate for a change and I can understand that. However, I’m not going to allow a man or any human being to get away with such nonsense.

Let’s consider this post number one of a long four years and the start of a revolution.


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