Snow Day


Sometimes I forget how long it’s been since my last blog post. Ten days this time. I could have sworn I had something else typed up, but I guess not. These days have been filled with writing and rewriting some new stuff which I cannot tell you about yet. Soon though. Once I have a solid first/second draft. Right now, I’m not sure if I’m on my first draft or my second. I’m leaning towards second, but I holding my tongue on that.

My goal, which is a big fucking goal. Is to have this story done for fall 2017. That’s me being optimistic. It looks nice though.

I can tell you writing this new thing is scary. Not that the story is scary because it isn’t. There is an element to it that is either going to blow up in my face or it won’t and I can’t even tell until it’s out. I’m not telling you what it is though. Not yet.

Perhaps I’ll write a post on it. That actually seems like a good plan because I thin it’s part of a huge issue.

I will tell you that this weekend will be the last time I read Lost Daughter. Once I finish that, I’m sending it out for a proof print. It seems odd to be done with something you love and you worked really fucking hard on. It’s like part of me is dying, but in a good way.

Well, while the snow is covering the ground and shutting me in the house, not that I needed snow to keep me inside, I’m off to write some more then eat pizza and watch Stranger Things again. It’s that kind of day. Adios!


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