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Simple trick


I learned a trick and I am going to share the shit out of it with you!!!! This goes out to all the writers out there struggling with first person as I was over the past few weeks.

When you think about it, first person seems so easy since you just become the character and right from your point of view. It isn’t. It really isn’t.

Personally, third person is the easiest because I’m telling you what everyone is doing/thinking/seeing. Sine, in my experience, I see the stories in my head playing out the best way for me to get it down on paper is to just tell you what is going on with the characters. First person is more personal which is actually why I decided to write the Storm Trilogy in third person, I already had everyone and their mother asking me if I was the main character.


Sorry, I’m on a sugar rush today.

Anyway, first person is more difficult because the story is more personality driven if that makes sense. The character has to be interesting enough for people to continue to read where third person is more story driven. (just my opinion)

So the trick!

Writing from third person to first is a hard transition. A lot of the time I would spend explaining things in a voice that wasn’t really the characters. So a friend of mine who I will link you to somewhere below told me to pretend I’m writing a letter to someone. Every time I think I’m going off course, before I reread a paragraph I start with Dear ____.

For some reason it makes it soooooooo much easier.

It trick my mind into further thinking I’m that person while I’m writing. Of course this is going to take a while to weed through before I finish the final product. Another trick is to try an get rid of as many filter words. Instead of ‘I sat through the long and boring play’ you would write something like ‘the long and boring play made me want to sleep’. That one is second hand advice because I read it somewhere. That one I’m still working on.

So if you’re interested in my friend was also making merch for the woman’s march, her name is Fallon Darko, her instagram is fallon_darko so go check her out!


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