Shifting Gears


For the moment, I want to stop writing about writing. My head hurts from overthinking everything so instead I decided today I want to talk about my thoughts on The Originals season 4 so far.

I’m not embarrassed to admit I would rather spend my Friday nights sitting at home with a plate of cookies watching this than socializing and this season has been something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time.

Not only did we have to wait ten months for this shit to come back, but we finally get to see a Hope Mikaelson that talks and feels ALL THE THINGS!

But I’m jumping the gun here…

Overall I have really liked the first three episodes. This season has a slower tone which is good and bad. It really does feel like a different show because there isn’t so much angst, but at the same time, maybe because I’m so used to it, I feel like it needs to give me something more. Don’t get me wrong, I still find myself dying every day trying to wait for this shit to hit the screen again. Hopefully that will change once we understand more about the ‘big bad’ this season.

Since the first two episodes were really about getting everyone back, I really didn’t have much of an opinion about that stuff. I kind of thought it was weird that Marcel let all of them go, but it made sense why he would.

Yesterdays episode was what I have been waiting for! It gave me life, honestly. I thought I wasn’t going to like a Vincent centric episode, but he shows a side of witch craft that’s more like Voodoo which id different from what they’ve done before. It brought back that darkness that’s been missing. I was a little confused why Marcel was able to get knocked out with a rod through his chest when he’s supposed to be so much more powerful now. Why didn’t Elijah do that then? It didn’t really odd up.

The Hope/ Klaus sense were adorable and Summer Fontana is great and I wish people would leave her alone for having reddish hair. I did wish Hayley showed Klaus the past five years through her memories, but who knows, maybe they’ll do that later on.

As far as Hayley and Elijah go…I don’t hate them together, I just don’t really care. Part of me wished they would have just had their little cute date night and be all romantic and then they ran to the bedroom. The relationship always seemed weird to me, their scenes seem out of place. It was literally just like when they first slept together and Hope was in the other room except Hope is older now and Klaus was there too. I would assume they could all hear everything.

The one thing I am so disappointed about, the one thing! Why they fuck would they write off Kol again! Rebekah I get, Claire doesn’t want to stay tied to the show, fine. But are you kidding me?! I don’t even like Kol that much and they just decided he needed to leave. They have created this idea that the originals are just Elijah, Freya, and Klaus now. I’m not okay with it. They didn’t even have scenes with Hope. If this is a part of something bigger, I guess I’ll have to wait and see. If not, it’s just sloppy story telling. The episode was great, but I don’t know why they keep writing these characters in and out.

With that being said, perhaps I’ll write another post after the next three episodes. Until next time…


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