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If you’d ask me what the Storm Trilogy is about here’s what I would tell you.

It’s about Kaden Storm’s self discovery journey. It’s about a girl who is stuck in this one place with no idea where she belongs in the world and suddenly the one person who stood by her through all the bullshit is taken from her. She makes new friends, she loses friends, she gets her ass kicked and she does some ass kicking of her own.

That, to me, is what the story is about. I feel like half the time when I’m explaining to people that there are faeries in the book they just kind of dismiss it as ‘just another one of those’ books. It’s really not. It’s a great story hidden inside a world of fantasy.

I’m sure you’re wondering why the fuck are you writing this post. It’s because I’m just about to order the last book in that trilogy. I’m in the mist of starting something completely different and it’s really odd. The transition from the first book in a trilogy or series to the last is amazing. I haven’t looked at my first book in two years and now that I’m starting up again it’s really odd. It was slower paced and the second was a little more faster paced and the third is just a shit storm of stuff happening.

It’s just really interesting.

Sometimes I can’t get over the fact that my mind creating this world and this girl and her story. At first it was literally just me being my naked ass self and she transformed into her own person. Her story lives on in my head as do all my other characters.

Imagine knowing people and their lives, but they don’t actually exist and you can’t talk to them. It’s fucking trippy. I’ve always thought it would make a great book to have an author meet one of their characters. In my mind it would be over a cup of coffee outside at some restaurant.

It would go like this:

Character: So I’m not even real?

Author: Part of you is real, just not physically.

Character *clearly upset*: Why would you do that? Why would you create me to not be real?

Author: Because I was lonely.

End scene.

So that’s how my mind works.

Who knows maybe one day someone will want to make these characters real. One day, when I’m dead and buried 100 feet deep. This post went from  sentimental to fucking depressing and that wasn’t my intention. It’s the coffee thoughts I swear.




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