Write with backbone


Without support your talent will go nowhere.

The reason I decided to write this today is because two days ago I met a young man (Boy? Guy? I never know what to call someone in their late teens early twenties) who spoke about how he enjoyed writing but it wasn’t really accepted in his community. This really hit me. Without my sister constantly telling me to keep writing my story I honestly wouldn’t have written it. I wouldn’t have finished it. I would have just left it to collect dust in the bottom of a bin like most of my other writing.

Maybe it’s just my crazy opinion, but what I’ve found is, most writers need to be support in order to continue. A majority of us have this little voice in their heads that keeps telling us we aren’t good enough or that our work is terrible. That’s why we need outsiders to tell us we are being stupid.

I’ve never been a part of a writers group or a critic group because I don’t believe someone can tell you your work is bad. They can be productive and you can get good advice, but it’s just not my cup of tea.

I do believe writers need to support each other. Whether it’s by reading their work, sharing their links, giving them a shout out, or something as simple as sending them in the right direction for more resources. Without each other we are essentially nothing.

The backbone to writing is passion. That passion stems from inspiration and support. You have these characters in your mind, these pieces of you that want to come to life but for some reason they won’t unless someone else tells you to do it.

This is just what I’ve noticed.

If you need help with support or writing I will help you the best I can because I want everyone to be able to create something bigger than themselves. Creating is everything. Writing isn’t easy at all. It takes a lot of brain power and drive to continue to create. So this is me telling you to keep going damn it. Don’t stop until you finish even if you think what you’re writing is garbage.

Again, my brain is still clogged from allergies so hopefully this makes some sense.

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