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I’m off again


Just when I got back, I go away again. Hi! Hello! It’s me, the person who keeps forgetting to write a blog post every once in a while.

Working on three books has taken a toll. It’s not the books that are hard to work on, that’s the easy part. It’s the part I love to live for. Self-publishing, key word: self. I have written, edited, promoted, and completed art work, flyers, events, and on and on and on all for my passion of writing.

This time I get to go away and take a REAL break. It’s not a tropical destination, but I am hoping to relax and open my mind to my new project. For the past few months I have been going back and forth between loving and hating it. So much so that I have written it through twice, and have at least four different beginnings. The good news is (and what I’m excited for the most) once I get a grip on which opening I’m going with, I get to share it with all of you. There are several different versions and I’m excited to show you how different they all are even though they are all the same story. They have the same characters, the same plots, and yet it’s taken me forever to get my head out of my ass and figure out which I want and which works.

With the Storm Trilogy coming out later this month, I can move on to some new stuffs. Stuffs I’m really excited for and I hope other people enjoy. Perhaps when I’m sitting around on my computer next week I can remember to write some more posts. Maybe tell you a fable or two.

Later this week I’ll have an Originals post up which is totally not just for myself.

Until then…


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