The Originals banter


Welcome to the posts that get me nothing, but the simple satisfaction of writing them!

Last time I wrote about the first three episodes of this season. This time I’m focusing on 4-6.

Let me just say, Klaus and Hope in episode gives me all the feels I’ve ever wanted. This whole Hollow thing is so different and interesting for the show and even for TVD. It’s refreshing to see a new type of villain when all we ever really get is the same old vampire from Klaus’s past. The evil this season seems a lot darker than usual which is something I LOVE. The whole scene with the blue light and Marcel and Klaus being trapped in that weird in between world was awesome.

It was a little terrifying that Elijah would have killed those kids. I remember in an interview with Daniel Gillies he mentioned he thought the show would be about the redemption of Klaus but the downfall of Elijah and so far this season that’s what I’ve noticed.

As far as the 5th episode….I don’t know what happened. I had to watch it while I was on a plane with some serious allergy issues so my head was all clogged up but…I felt like I was missing something. It almost felt like there had been a huge time jump or I missed an episode. Something about that episode bothering me, I had to go back and rewatch it because it just seemed out of place. Again, the Hollow shows in that episode how dark it truly is by mind fucking with everyone. I cannot get over how interesting it is to see something different.

There was a huge reaction to Elijah’s threat to Marcel towards the end of the episode. When I first saw it I was half awake so I didn’t really even pay attention to it, but going back and watching it…WOW. Like Elijah is full on becoming Klaus and it kind of doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t understand why he feels the need to be an asshole so Klaus can be ‘good’. Also, Klaus would have never said any of that stuff to Marcel. NEVER. I know people were offend by it, as they should be, but it makes me think somehow Elijah is part of the Hollow. Is that possible? I would like to see it because as of now he is just fucking all over the place.

And the last episode.

Vincent and Klaus pairing up was something I didn’t know I needed. We finally get to see Hayley’s past which should have happened much earlier on in the series. I don’t care for Sofia or her gorgeous dress that I couldn’t stop looking at. If you watched the episode you know what I’m talking about. I missed Hope. We got two episodes with her and Klaus but that has been it. Again, Elijah is not acting right. Again, the Hollow is looking more and more badass. I’m starting to think Vincent might die this season to get rid of the Hollow for good.

Other than that, I’ll see you in a few episodes!


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