The Catch-up day


Today is that day when you get back from a trip and you are trying to get all your shit together in one day. There is no amount of coffee that will make up for this day.

Against what I said in the last post before I left, I got nothing done. No writing, no posting, or blogging. This week is going to be a week of promoting and going to events so I can only imagine I’ll get to write one blog post, maybe two if I have enough coffee and an idea of what to write. If you missed the podcast I was in, I’ll post a link to it below. I really enjoyed the podcast too. Podcasting is one of those things I’ve been interested in doing for a while, but just never got around to trying. If any of you readers out there are interesting in maybe a writers podcast or some type of writing class podcast leave a comment below or like this blog. Maybe I’ll get something going this summer if enough people are interested.

After this week, I’m really looking forward to writing again. Actual writing where i hide down in my dungeon and get to WRITE. I like thinking and letting my brain go and putting it all down on paper. I’m ready to start something new.

Tormented Soul will be up on kindle for free until tomorrow so download the crap out of it.

Aside from all my ramblings, I see you soon!




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