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Reading helped


Reading isn’t something I do often. Or ever.

But the other day something stumbled into my lap.

A very long time ago, I read a series by Lauren Kate. She’s a YA author who wrote my favorite fantasy series (it’s more my guilty pleasure because it is based on romance). Anyway, I loved her style of writing. I loved her story, her take on angels. Once I finished her series, years past and I was writing my own stuff so I didn’t really look back.

Then the other day someone happened to see Fallen, the movie (her book), and asked if I had seen it. (I hadn’t). So I watched it. I would go on a tangent about how the books are way way better, but that’s not why I’m writing this.

So I realized how good the series was again. So I started to reread it which led me to realize she made another one I hadn’t read that I was hoping she would write. Luckily for me she wrote it and I was at the library the next day snagging it off the shelf.

Part of the reason I hate reading fantasy is because I write fantasy. I’ve met other authors who don’t like to read their own genre which I get now. I personally don’t like to,  because YA is mostly romance based which is not what I want to read. Not that every YA is bad or romanced based. Even fantasy in genre, sometimes the story is high fantasy like Lord of the Rings while others are lower. It’s a tricky genre to weed through.

Back to my point.

After reading a few chapters, I noticed in my own writing, I got better. For the past few days I’ve been doing really well, when I was struggling for months. I had read Maggie Stiefvater but her voice is very unique and different. Since I’m prone to writing more like Lauren Kate, it really helped me slow down and remember how to write like a decent fucking human being.

I had read all over the place writers believe you HAVE to READ because if you DON’T the world will collapse and DIE!!!!!

I still don’t believe that, but it does help.


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