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First Drafts


Alas! I’ve completed my first draft of my new series! It only took me five times to rewrite it to have something a little more solid. Writing this story was a challenge. I went from loving to hating it back to loving it again. I switched perspectives, story lines, and character’s. It was a crazy mess, a shit storm if you will, but I finally did it!

I promise, once I’ve reached a more solid foundation, I’m going to post my progress so you can see the differences and the struggle that was very real.

Yesterday was a strong writing day. I was able to knock out the ending which I’m in love with! I can’t even express how big the cliffhanger is and I decided right then and there that I’m not going to have an epilogue. I usually do, just to get the ball rolling for the next book, but we shall see. If anything it won’t relate to the main characters because that shits just to good.

I can’t get over this feeling of finally having a good story again. It took me eight months to get through the storm and now I feel great! My goal is to have ARC copies prepared for October (I’m trying to be optimistic) and then release it next spring. With the summer just ahead and my lack of schedule of pretty much everything I think it can happen.

Someone emailed me yesterday about writers block and here’s what I have to say: Writers block is different for everyone, just like writing. I can sit here and type out fifty billion things you can do to try and over come it, but the truth is only you know how you can over come it.

Some authors/writers believe you just have to keep writing. Personally, I think that’s really dumb advice because then what you’re writing isn’t what you want or it comes out forced. Some believe you can work on another project all together which is better than forcing something that isn’t there.

What I like to do is this, take time off from writing. Clear your head so your thoughts aren’t all tied up and worried about finishing the story. Then, when you think you’re ready, go back and start again. Also, I like drabbles, little short stories that involve my characters but have nothing to do with my actual story. It helps get the characters voice, it’s productive, and it’s really fun.

So there you go lovelies! My weekly (sometimes) update!

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