A crazy mind like me


I find solace in these blog posts. There’s something about writing the things to other people who write the things that make me feel like I’m not a lunatic. A few years back I read a book series called Mara Dyer which I quickly fell in love with for its psychological theme. I devoured the books up until I waited for the last one to come out which seemed to be taking forever and ever. Randomly, I happened to catch a post on my tumblr that was written by the author explaining why the last book wasn’t coming out when it was intended.

A short version of what she said was that she had written the book three times and didn’t like it so she had to keep rewriting it. It makes me happy to think I’m not the only one who struggles with having an idea, but it’s just not coming the right way. I’ve talked about this for a while now, half the time I keep thinking I’m doing well while the other half I’m ready to scratch my brains out. Maybe some of you have experienced this, maybe you haven’t. A lot o the time I don’t think people realize how frustrating it is, how depressed it is to have this thing in your head for such a long time and it won’t come out. Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m just crazy. Oh well.

I’ve been trying to pawn the responsibility off on my characters not being right, or my plot needing tweaking, or blah blah blah when really I think it’s just me. It’s a different story from what I’m used to, it’s harder. Some people believe in keep going until you get it right, some believe in taking breaks. I’ve done both and they both suck.

Pushing through only makes it worse, I can see it in the writing which means a reader will see it. Taking breaks just makes me go stir crazy and feel really lazy. I’ve debating working n a new project, but I’m a stubborn asshole who sticks with shit even when it’s bad.

Welcome to the long hall…

The hell that is writers block.


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