Surprise, Bitch

My Post (2)

I bet you thought I was gone for good! HA!

I have returned from the darkness and I have brought with me a new wave of blog posts. I’ve added a page for my photography and within the next month I will be hitting three cities in three vastly different parts of the world. That’s right, I said world. Two of the locations will be places I’ve never been to before and one is a place a visit quiet often, but this time I’m planning to do things I normally don’t do to push myself outside of my comfort zone.

But first!

This Tuesday I will be launching a new website and if you follow me on Instagram I’m going to be posting a quote a day from characters in my books! And if you’re not an Instagrammer (?) you can find them on my Facebook and Pinterest. My Pinterest page already has pins for some of my characters so if you haven’t already, go check them out!

Now that I have dropped all my social medias on you and what my goal is for the week, I would like to present to you this article.

130+ of the Best Hashtags for Authors on Instagram

Social Media is a must for new and indie authors. Why? Because that is where we build our platforms. Back in the hay day when authors were mostly traditionally published this wasn’t really a thing. It certainly wasn’t as huge as it is now. Almost everything type of media is being over run by the internet. People are finding creative ways and different outlets to get their vlogs seen, blogs read, and content viewed by as many people as they possibly can.

The fortunate thing, and the thing I think many traditionally published authors loath is that we live in this era where indie publishing is becoming more viable and more accepted.

Everyone is here. I mean EVERYONE. And it’s the best way for you, whether you’re an author, a musician, a poet, or what have you to expose yourself (not in that way, unless that’s what you’re into because there’s plenty of that too).

So, if you use some of the tips from this post and think to yourself, how the fuck am I supposed to post all the time when I work three jobs and can barely pay rent, well, I have a solution for that too. Buffer. This is a free website that allows you to prepare posts weeks, even months in advance. You can easily spend a free hour organizing things to say throughout the work week when you’re super busy. It’s great and easy to use especially when you have promos coming up or if you are going on vacation and want nothing to do with the interwebs.

Moving on…

10 Types of Content Authors Can Share On Instagram

Again, same blog, different article. This one goes more into detail about what to post instead of the last one which was how to post. It also gives you a link to another website that will allow you to create post for whatever social media you choose. (The picture above was a quick photo I put together in that site). If you don’t have photoshop or any skills for using photoshop this will HELP YOU THERE READING THIS AHHHHHH! It’s super simple and creates very aesthetic images and they will be the images I use for my week of quotes starting today so if you don’t believe me check them out.

Everything I have posted about today was not sponsored. This was just purely me, Dylann Rhea, showing your lovely face, some options for you to explore. If you want to help me, you can download a free copy of my book, read it, don’t read it, which ever you choose and leave me a review on Amazon.

That is all. If you enjoy these types of post, if you find them helpful, please like them or leave a comment below.

Until next week when I take you to location number one! Any guesses?

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